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Office: Hightech center 1103
Lab: Hightech center 1101

Prospective MS/Ph.D Students

Our lab is officially designated as an "Artificial Intelligence Research Lab" and "BK21 plus" by the Ministry of Science and ICT. All graduates will be awarded an MS (Ph.D.) degree with an Artificial Intelligence major in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

I plan to advise 3~4 new graduate students (with a full tuition waiver and financial support) starting Sep 2023. My main research interest is in computer vision and artificial intelligence:

  • Medical Artificial Intelligence.
  • Machine learning (deep learning) for vision
  • High-level Human-Computer interaction
  • Content based video processing
  • Applications of artificial intelligence
  • Major topic includes: Vision for drones, Autonomous car, AIDAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System), Human(brain)-computer interface, Anomaly detection in medicine. To apply, contact me at least two months before the application process begins.

    Undergraduate Interns

    I am generally accepting undergraduate interns during his/her junior or senior years. I expect you to seriously involve in the research topics in the lab. Depending on his/her role, financial support is available.

    International Students

    There are limited openings for international students. However, you are encouraged to email me with your detailed resume for future opening.


    Based on your research interest and goal, I will consider one post-doc. For detail, send me your resume.